About Us


VitaHemp only works with carefully selected and some of the most innovative growers in Australia.

One such grower is Mike Nagorka from Waltanna Farms. Waltanna Farms are in their fifth generation of flax farming and have a rich history that dates back to the 1880’s. They are currently Australia’s largest Flax Seed grower and processing group and having recently formed Waltanna Hemp Group (WHG) with Hemp Hulling Co (HHC) in Coolum Beach, and are now Australia’s leading Hemp Foods processing group working under the VitaHemp banner.

VitaHemp supplied unique varieties of sowing seed to three major growers in Victoria and New South Wales. Harvest begins in March 2018.

VitaHemp does not and has never imported hemp seed for human consumption. Recent changes to import laws in Australia note that all imported hemp seed for human consumption or cosmetics, whether sold as organic or not will be denatured, killed, rendering it a dead seed. This kind of treatment significantly effects nutritional qualities, shelf life and may compromise the health, therapeutic and nutritional benefits attributed to the use hemp seed oil, and foods.

VitaHemp is the largest Australian Grown Hemp Food Group. Sectors include supplying sowing seed to farmers throughout Australia, provide agronomy and variety support. We process (Hull) raw Australian grown Hemp seeds with Hemp Hulling Co (QLD) Pty Ltd in Coolum Beach, Queensland. Hulling is a process of removing the outer crunchy shell from a highly nutritious inner kernel.

Hemp Hulling Co (HHC) is the only specialised Australian grown hemp seed hulling facility in Australia, and often first choice on providing premium contract processing. Over the past 6 years, HHC have redesigned, modified, upgraded and up-scaled it’s operations and now undergoing an additional fit-out enabling 60-80 tons outflows per month of raw hemp seed.

Waltanna Hemp Group (WHG) in Hamilton is another processing partner. Waltanna Farms are the leading processor of Hemp seed oil, powders and flours in Australia. WHG operations are most experienced in the development of machinery and employ state of the art oil expelling equipment which use minimal heat, no light or oxygen and nitrogen flushed throughout the process. This gentle process leaves the remaining ‘hemp cake’ in optimal condition for milling into flour, protein and sprinkles. VitaHemp understands there is no other companies in Australia with such credentials and experience in hemp seed hulling (HHC) and oil extraction (WHG)

VitaHemp Group is a major supplier and processor for many leading brands in Australia.  Other than our own brand we support others with genuine Australian Grown Hemp Foods, such as EM Super Foods, Thompson’s, Green Path Organics, Australian Grown Naturals and many others, including many bulk food stores throughout the country.

This is a very important strategy for VitaHemp. Supporting competing brands ensures a high quality strong and sustainable industry backed by quality assurance programs.