Hemp Seed Flour 900g


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VitaHemp Hemp Seed Flour is a very versatile baked goods ingredient, naturally gluten-free, it is a nutritious and flavoursome alternative or enhancer to wheat-flour. Hemp Seed Flour brings together all the benefits necessary for a healthy and high- fibre diet. It is a great substitute for those with gluten intolerance, especially for our changing diets where highly processed ingredients and foods are being avoided

  • Wheat, nut and grain free.
  • Great supplementary source of amino acids and essential fatty acids.
  • Rich in fibre and protein.
  • Excellent source of minerals such as magnesium, calcium and iron.

Why Buy Australian Hemp Foods vs. Imported
Recent changes to import laws in Australia have provided a significant advantage to locally grown Hemp seed. All imported Hemp seeds will have to be sterilised rendering it a dead seed. This kind of treatment significantly affects the nutritional qualities and shelf-life, which may compromise the health, therapeutic and nutritional benefits attributed to the use of Hemp seeds, oil, powders and foods.